Anando, Promotion of Culture and Youth Resource Development, is a non-profit, and non-political non-government development organization founded in 1996 by a group of teachers, journalists, development practitioners and social workers in order to uphold the progress of poor people especially the disadvantaged rural people and youth through promotion of culture, peace and development.

Anando is a Bangla word which means ‘Joy’ (delighted and oyfulness).Anando, with its entire connotation, believes in the spirit of joy that involves not only an individual’s happiness but also a greater community’s happiness deriving from their living environment of a harmonious culture that upholds the amity of people of diverse religious groups existing from time immemorial. Anando also believes in peaceful coexistence of people that ensures justice and development, and treats all people equally, protects the rights of the poor and minority people of the society.

Anando, as its name implies, has undertaken various initiatives for developing a non-violent, peaceful, developed, and harmonious society in Bangladesh through promotion of cultural and youth resource development. It has undertaken diversified cultural activities and youth resource development initiatives through building capacity and skills towards organizational development among the local community people. Anando believes in bottom-up, non-directive, integrated and participatory development approaches and acts as a catalyst with its stakeholders who are financially disadvantaged due to lack of opportunities but have potentialities to strive hard for change and to stand on their own.